Stephanie Doscher

Educator, Writer, Speaker, Leader
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I help colleges and universities accelerate comprehensive internationalization by facilitating global learning for all.

What I’m Known For


I’m a natural matchmaker. Where some see islands, I see a network. I help uncover intersections among ideas, processes, people, and organizations. I’m known for facilitating creative, innovative connections that transform perspectives and productivity.


I’m driven to help individuals and groups define their unique strengths and shared purposes. I shine when working with diverse stakeholders to design complementary strategies for turning abstract ideas into concrete action.


In the words of Margaret Wheatley, “information is the creative source of the universe.” People and systems need new information to survive and thrive. To me, communication is the heart of leadership. I model and promote effective communication through active listening, deliberative dialogue, and empathy.

Continuous Improvement

I dare greatly and support others in doing so. Through honesty, dependability, and unabashed enthusiasm, I’ve helped people and organizations engage in kaizen: the process of making myriad small improvements to achieve big results. I work side-by-side with clients to advance positive change.

What I Do


I bring my performing arts background to the academic stage, leaving audiences motivated, inspired, and energized to achieve bold goals for learning and change.


I break down complex processes and tasks into achievable steps and employ hands-on, collaborative strategies clients can easily use with students and colleagues.


Strategic Planning & Program Evaluation

I galvanize groups engaged in all stages of program development, from exploration and  implementation to improvement and all of the forming, norming, re-focusing, and fine-tuning in-between.

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